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Teaching faculty

  • Utz Dornberger
    Prof. Dr. Utz Dornberger Dr. Dornberger is the Director of the SEPT Program and has a Professorship in development economics. His academic and professional focus is especially on innovation in SMEs, innovation policy, entrepreneurship promotion and internationalization processes.
  • MBA Linh Huynh Dinh Thai
    Research interesting in: Internationalization Entrepreneurship and Internationalization of the Firms; Firm-level competitiveness and capacities development under value chain network; Dynamics of innovation and management; Marketing Management and International Marketing; Service Innovations and Knowledge Management. Current project: "Entrepreneurship and development of innovative management capacity," Praxis cooperation projects (and projects extend) 2012-2017
  • Frank Wältring
  • J. Alfredo Suvelza
    Mr. Suvelza runs the business simulations, holds other lessons in related modules and leads the trainings on presentation techniques. He also supports students in the development of business plans, essays, research concepts and master theses.
    Field expertise:
    research interest include innovation management, social capital and internationalization of SMEs.
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