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Teaching faculty

  • Ing. Hans Joachim Linke
    Diploma in Geodesy (1988), Bonn; 2. German State Exam (1990), Nordrhein-Westfalen; Dr.-Ing. (1995), University of Bonn; Senior Lecturer (Oberingenieur) (1995-1997), University of Bonn; Landmanager LEG NRW (1997-2002), Düsseldorf; Professor at TU Darmstadt since 2002; Fields of interest: Real estate appraisal and property valuation, building land development, rural development, planning costs
  • Dr Son Pham Thai
    I have been working as an Urban Development Expert / Housing Specialist in both academic and professional environments for approximately 10 years.
    Field expertise:
    Urban Development, Urban Planning, Housing, Real Estate Market, Livable City, Transit Oriented Development, Urban Resilience, Climate Change, Public Space, Urban Density, Quality of Life, Social and Affordable Housing, Housing Finance, Sustainable Development, Education, Vietnam, Land Management, Urban Morphology, Urban Economics, Urban Services and Infrastructure
    Taught courses:
    Methodology of Empirical Analysis, GIS, Economics of Urban Development, Multidisciplinary Project, Master thesis
  • Daniel Schmitz
    Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Daniel Schmitz Abitur at Martinus Gymnasium, Linz/Rhein (1995 – 2004); Internship at Streif Baulogistik GmbH (2004); Internship at Euroform Schalungsservice GmbH (2004 – 2005); Internship at Lorenz Jökel GmbH
    Field expertise:
    Fields of interest: Working systems in construction management leadership, Professional Development in Construction Industry: Continuitial Education by the use of E-Learning, Interdisciplinary field with aspects out of the HRM area but also out of the areas of education science and construction management;
  • Dipl.Geoinf Christoph Blut
    Diploma in Geoinformatics (2010), Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster; Scientific Assistant, Geodetic Institute, RWTH Aachen since 2011; Fields of interest: Geoinformatics, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 3D-GIS, BIM, CityGML, Mixed and Augmented Reality;
  • Dominik Weiß
  • M. Sc. Hang Le Thi Thuy
    PhD student of 911 program in TU Darmstadt from April 2017.
  • Dr Hieu Nguyen Ngoc
    Engineer in Urban Engineering (1995), Hanoi Architecture University; Certificate of advanced urban land management (1999), Sweden; B.A. in Law (2000), Hanoi Law University; M.Sc. in urban planning (2001), Hanoi Architecture University; Certificate on training of trainer (2002), Vietnam Australia Program, University of Melbourne, Hanoi; Ph.D. in urban planning and development (2008), University College London (UCL), Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU);
    Field expertise:
    Urban governance, measurement of urban management performance, urban research methods, development control, affordable housing, property market management, urban land management, land readjustment and building consensus, institutional transport management, institutional arrangement for smart cities.
    Taught courses:
    Vietnamese Law on Property and Planning
    Urban Governance and Planning
    Planning Instruments
    Multi Disciplinary Project
  • Ph. D Huong Le Thi Thu
    Dr. Le Thi Thu Huong is a Senior Lecturer of Sustainable Urban Development master study program at Vietnamese-German University (VGU). She received Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Science in Urban Environmental Management at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand. Prior to that, she graduated Master and Bachelor in Architecture at University of Architecture of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Before working for VGU, Dr. Huong worked for AIT, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES, Japan) and other international organizations in Thailand as lecturer and researcher on urban studies. Her research interests cover different aspects and issues of urban development and management.
    Field expertise:
    - Urban management and sustainable development
    - Urban planning and the built-environment
    - Urban development and housing segregation
    - Housing, neighborhood and environmental management
    - Community and smart neighborhood
    - Urban-rural linkages
    - Urban flooding, housing adaptation and neighborhood upgrading
    Taught courses:
    - Urban Planning and Architecture of Cities
    - Ecological Management in Urban Development
    - Urban-Rural Partnership
    - Instruments of Spatial Planning
    - Multidisciplinary Project
    - Master Thesis supervision
  • Ing Christoph Motzko
    Project Manager (1984-1985), PERI GmbH; Research Assistant (1986-1989), PERI GmbH, Technische Hochschule Darmstadt; Senior Research Assistant, Doctorate (1989-1990), Technische Hochschule Darmstadt; Full Professor (1996-2004), Institute of Organisation in Construction, Technische Universität Darmstadt; Full Professor, Head of Institute, Institute of Construction Technologies and Management, Technische Universität Darmstadt since 2004; Fields of interest: Construction process, Exposed concrete, Building construction – tolerance for building;
  • Ing Theo Kötter
  • Ing. Martin Wagner
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Wagner Managing Director Institute IWAR, TU Darmstadt. Diploma in Civil Engineering (1983), Ph.D (1991), Postdoc (1997), TU Darmstadt; General Manager of the Institute IWAR since 1996, TU Darmstadt; In 2006 he was nominated as Professor Honorarium at the Qingdao Technological University, China; Since 2009 he is Head of the section china of German Water Partnership GmbH; Fields of interest: Aeration and gas transfer, Energy in wastewater treatment plants, Water infrastructure solutions for fast growing urban areas;
  • Jörg Blankenbach
    Diploma in Geodesy (2001), TU Darmstadt; Dr.-Ing (2006), TU Darmstadt; Postdoc (2012), TU Darmstadt; Professor at RWTH Aachen University since 2012;
    Field expertise:
    Fields of interest: Geoinformatics; Geo sensor networks, UAV, TLS/Photogrammetry; Geo web services, distributed GIS (Web GIS, mobile systems); 3D-GIS, BIM, mixed and augmented reality; Indoor positioning;
  • Manfred Boltze
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Boltze Diploma in Civil Engineering (1984) TU Darmstadt; Dr.-Ing (1988); Albert Speer
    Field expertise:
    Fields of interest: Methodology of Transport Planning, Traffic Management, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Road Traffic Signals, Traffic Safety, Quality Management, Environment-responsive Traffic Control, and Freight Transport Management;
  • M. Sc. Nam Tran Hoang
    Mr. Tran Hoang Nam is a Research and Teaching Assistant in Social Sciences of Sustainable Urban Development, Vietnamese - German University and Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Land Management, Technische Universität Darmstadt. He gained his M.Ed. on Education Management, Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh City, 2016; and M.Sc. on Sustainable Urban Development, Technische Universität Darmstadt, 2014 after finishing LL.B. on Economic Law, Hanoi Open University, 2017; B.A. on English Language, Danang University, 2013; and B.Sc. on Tourism Management, Hung Vuong University - Ho Chi Minh City, 2010. His research interests lie on real estate valuation, land readjustment, urban land development, urban tourism development, and curriculum development.
    Field expertise:
    Real Estate Valuation
    Land Readjustment
    Urban Land Development
    Urban Tourism Development
    Curriculum Development
    Taught courses:
    Vietnamese Law on Property and Urban Planning
    Instruments of Spatial Planning
    Urban Development Governance
  • M. Sc. Quynh Doan Truc
    B.A. in Urban and Regional Planning (2011), HCMC University of Architecture; Lam Dong Architectural Firm (2011); Ho Chi Minh City Architecture Research Center (2012); M.Sc. in Sustainable Urban Development (2014), Vietnamese-German University – Technical University of Darmstadt; Research and Teaching assistant for the study program in Sustainable Urban Development, Vietnamese-German University from 2015;
    Field expertise:
    Urban Density
    Urban Livability
    Urban Planning and Real Estate Development
    Taught courses:
    Methodology of Empirical Analysis
    Basics of GIS and CAD
    Multidisciplinary Project
  • Robert Burgaß
  • Sophie Schetke
    Diploma in Geography (2006), University of Leipzig; Dr.-Ing. in Urban Planning (2010), University of Bonn; Post-doc at University of Bonn since 2010; Fields of interest: Urban green spaces, adaptation to climate change in cities, Quality of Life, Ecosystem Services, sustainable urban planning, Multicriteria decision analysis (MCDA);
  • Stefan Schäfer
    Prof. Stefan Schaefer is a professor of Constructive Design and Building Construction at the Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany. Counting just 35 years when joining in 1998, he was one of the youngest full professors being hired by the university. He founded and since directed the Constructive Design and Building Construction program within the Department of Civil Engineering. Prof. Schaefer started his professional career as a carpenter before studying architecture at the University of Applied Science in Kaiserslautern, from where he graduated in 1987 receiving an award for graduate excellence for his academic achievements. He then enrolled in the Architecture and Urban Planning program at the University of Stuttgart. Graduating in 1991, he once again received a graduate excellence award for best thesis of his class. In his professional career as a practicing architect he soon moved from Stuttgart to Genoa, Italy to work for Renzo Piano, one of the few architects who designed buildings in at least 4 continents. In 1994 Prof. Schaefer became a principal architect within Piano’s office. In 1995, Prof. Schaefer moved back to Stuttgart, where he took a position as a staff scientist at the Institute for Lightweight Structures (ILEK). Upon his return to Germany, Prof. Schaefer started his own architectural company, winning numerous prizes in architectural competitions and receiving significant awards for realized buildings. He has published more than hundred scientific papers. Prof. Schaefer was appointed as the director of the Institute of Concrete and Masonry Structures in 2006, 2007 and 2009. He serves on the advisory board “Bauforum Stahl e.V.”, and is a regular jury member of the European Research Council. In 2012 Prof. Schaefer was a visiting faculty and researcher in the Department of Civil Engineering at Virginia Tech / USA. In 2013 and 2014 Prof. Schaefer was a visiting professor at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Since 2015 he is Director of the newly founded Institute for Constructive Design and Building Construction.
    Field expertise:
    Building Surface
    - Study of the development and optimization of building surfaces / facades

    Light Weight Construction
    - Optimization of light weight- and textile constructions
    - Development and patent protection for metal roofing
    - Design of light weight constructions (e.g. canopies)

    Building Concepts
    - Low Cost Construction; Mobile Construction; Air Design
    - Development of Simple Building Concepts
    - Observation of thermal properties of buildings
    - Implementation of new constructive technologies

    Building redevelopment
    - Reuse, conversion, documentation of old building structures with a particular focus on unique construction methods

    CRC 666
    - Integral sheet metal design with higher order bifurcations

    - Focuses on the implementation of Genetic Algorithms for optimizing building constructions (e.g. double facades)
    - Focus group “The Bionic House”
    - Implementation of bionic principles during the building planning process
    Taught courses:
    - Basics of Building Construction
    - Basics of Planning, Designing and Construction
    - Building Construction
    - Constructive Design
    - Freehand Drawing
    - Green Building Design I II
    - Green Building (VGU)
    - History of Construction Engineering
    - Interdisciplinary Project Civil Engineering
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