Faculty of Engineering

Peter Giesecke
MSST- Faculty of Engineering
Study of Mechanical Engineering and Physics, Promotion in the field of Nuclear Reaktor Materials, 15 years practical experience as head of the department for mechanical design and sensor development at Schenck company in Darmstadt, three years experience as freelancer for the projecting of special equipment for the development of airplanes (windtunnels, turbine testing facilitys, fatigue testing of wings etc.) all over the world, but mostly in Indonesia. Twenty years lecturing at the University for applied sciences in Frankfurt (Germany): Industrial measuring technic, sensor application, mechatronic philosophy, sensors and actuators, development of smart sensors. Now retired but not tired, teaching at the German Jordan University in Amman, at two Universities in Äthiopia (Addis Abeba and Mekele, and at the Vietnamese German University in Ho Chi Minh City.
Teaching in Vietnam, Jordan, Shanghai, Äthiopien, Oman.
Advanced sensortechnology
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