Faculty of Engineering

Hartmut Zadek
Mechanical Engineering - Faculty of Engineering
Academic Career: Dipl. (1993) at Technical University of Berlin; Dr.-Ing. (1999) at Technical University of Berlin; Director of Department of Logistics at Institute of Logistics and Material Flow Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg since 2008.

Industrial Experience: Project Management at ZLU GmbH, Berlin (1999-2002); Partner and Co-Founder of Visality Consulting GmbH, Berlin (2003-2007); Member of Advisory Board of the Federal Logistics Association (BVL) (2003-2008); Member of Traffic Committee, IHK Magdeburg since 2009; Member of Logistics Advisory Council of Saxony-Anhalt since 2010.

Field of Expertise: Planning methods and tools in logistics; Technical logistics; Sustainability, resource conservation and energy efficiency in logistics; Design and planning of logistical process flows, systems and networks; Supply chain management; Lean management/lean logistics; Business field planning and corporate strategies for logistics and transport service providers; Process chains for supply, production, trade, logistics and transport service providers; Procurement logistics and production supply; Distribution networks and order fulfillment; Transport logistics; Disposal logistics, recycling and waste management; Start-up management; Project management; Change management.

Awards: Konrad Mellerowicz Prize, 1999.
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