Faculty of Engineering

Michel Toulouse
Senior Lecturer and Academic Coordinator Computer Science
MSc in Computer Science Université de Montréal 1989-1991; PhD in Computer Engineering, École Polytechnique, Université de Montréal 1991-1996. Postdoc at University of Oklahoma, USA, 1997-1998. Visiting Professor University of Nebraska Lincoln, USA, 1998-1999. Assistant Professor at University of Manitoba, Canada, 1999-2005. Researcher at the Center for Research on Transportation, Canada 2006-2007. Associate visiting professor, Oklahoma State University, USA, 2008-2014. Senior Lecturer and academic coordinator, VGU, 2014-now.
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ISI Journal: Toulouse Michel, Scheduled Service Network Design with Resource Acquisition and Management, 2018 , EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics , 7 , 277-309
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