Faculty of Engineering

Stefan Bleiweis
Faculty of Engineering
Dr. Stefan Bleiweis
Professor for Corporate Management
Faculty of Management Science and Engineering
- Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences
- Flying Faculty of VGU (Mechatronics and Sensor Systems Technology, M.Sc.)
- Guest Lecturer/Visiting Professor in Taiwan, Brazil, Mexico, USA and GB
- International Consulting Projects with Corporations
- CFO at Freudenberg SpA, Milan, Italy
- Freudenberg Headquarters, Weinheim, Germany
- PhD in International Business Economics from Nuremberg University
- Siemens International Acounting (Germany, France, Australia, Singapore)
- Master in Business Management, Nuremberg University, Germany
- Undergraduate Studies of Business Economics and Philosophy, Universities in Würzburg, Germany, and New York, USA"
Business and Management
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