Teaching faculty

  • Bastian Schumacher
    Program management of the international master degree program “Global Production Engineering” (Link: http://www.gpe.tu-berlin.de).
    Mr. Schumacher achieved a M.Sc. and B. Eng degrees from Technical University at Berlin. Currently, he is a Doctoral Candidate from Technical University at Berlin. ………………………………………………………………………………………………
    Field expertise:
    Material flow simulation / discrete-event simulation
    Discrete-event simulation in production control
    Learnstruments / sustainable value creation
    Taught courses:
    - SPS: Simulation of Production Systems
    - Scientific Writing: Seminar
  • Dr. Thanh Tran Trung
    Dr. Tran Trung Thanh received both BSc degree (2002) and Master degree (2005) in Mechanics from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam. He holds a first PhD degree (2012) in Mechanical Engineering from Jeju National University, South Korea and second PhD degree (2016) in Aerospace Engineering, Old Dominion University, United States. --------------------------------- Field expertise:
    • Automation Technology and Robotics
    • Additive Manufacturing
    • Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
    • Dynamics and Control
    • Computational Intelligence
    Taught courses:
    Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam
    - ME201: Static Mechanics, (Fall 2004), Vietnam
    - ME220: Solid Mechanics (2005-2017), Vietnam
    - ME302: Theory of Elasticity, (Fall 2007)
    - 4090223: Industrial Robot (Spring 2016)
    - ME 640: Finite Element Analysis (Spring 2017)

    Old Dominion University, USA
    - MAE503: Flight Mechanics (Spring 2015)

    Vietnamese-German University, Vietnam
    - AFEMT: Application of FEM Technology
    - MP: Manufacturing Project
    - ATR2018:Automation Technology and Robotics
    - Control II (Nonlinear Control)
    - AMP2018: Additive Manufacturing Projects
    - BAMT2018: Basics of Automation and Manufacturing Theory
  • Erdem Ozturk
    Technology Fellow at the AMRC with Boeing, University of Sheffield, (January 2013-Present)
    Lecturer at the AMRC, University of Sheffield, (March 2016-Present)
    Visiting faculty, Global Production Engineering and Management Programme, Vietnamese-German University (July 2014-Present)
    Technical Lead at the AMRC with Boeing, University of Sheffield, (September 2010 – December 2012)
    Ph.D. (2010), Mechatronics Engineering, Sabanci University
    MSc. (2005), Mechatronics Engineering, Sabanci University
    BSc. (2003), Mechanical Engineering, Middle East Technical University(METU)
    Taught courses:
    Integrated Manufacturing Systems
    Manufacturing Technology
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hung Nguyen Quoc
    - B.E. in Mechanical Engineering (1997) Polytechnic University of Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam;
    - European M.Sc. in Mechanics of Construction (2001), University of Liege, Belgium;
    - PhD in Solid Mechanics and Manufacturing Engineering (2009), Inha University, South Korea.
    Field expertise:
    Smart materials and structures, Fluid Mechanics, Structure Optimization, Vibration control, Intelligent Control Systems, High frequency jetting dispenser.
    Taught courses:
    1) Vector mechanics (Statics, Dynamics)
    2) Fluid mechanics
    3) Automatic control systems
    4) Modern control systems
    5) System dynamics
    6) Structural dynamics and vibration
    7) Technical English
    8) Strength of materials
    9) Industrial robots
    10) Linear algebra
    11) Digital engineering
    12) CNC machining
    13) CAD/CAM technology
    14) Machinery mechanics
    15) Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
    16) Advanced Engineering Maths
    17) Manufacturing Process
    18) Hydraulics and Pneumatics systems
  • Ing Holger Kohl
    Fraunhofer Institute IPK Berlin
    Taught courses:
    Supervision of Master Thesis in the GPEM-Pogram
  • JuanManuel JaureguiBecker
    University of Twente - Faculty of Engineering
    Lab. of Design, Production and Management
  • Khanh Nguyen Tuan
    M.Sc. in Electronic and Telecommunication at HCMUT in 2014
    Manager of RF department at ICDREC - VNU from 2014 to 2016
    Field expertise:
    Quality managemnet
    Manufacturing Engineering
    Analog and RF Integrated Circuits Design
  • Ph. D. Mohammadjafar Hadad
    2009-2014: Research assistant, Institute of Grinding Technology Field expertise:
    Grinding, polishing and super finishing processes,
    Precision Manufacturing,
    Green machining processes,
    Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes,
    Machining processes (conventional and non-conventional),
    Machine tool design,
    Modeling of manufacturing processes,
    Machining of Advanced Materials,
    Taught courses:
    Machine Tools/Machine Elements
    Production Project
    Sustainable Manufacturing Systems
  • Peter Stammnitz
    Academic Coordinator Berlin
    TU Berlin - Department Assembly Technology and Factory Management
  • Roland Jochem
    From 1987-1989 he worked as a project engineer in a medium-sized engineering company. Then he worked on research projects at the IWF, TU Berlin, and consulting projects at Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK). In the period 2002-2005 Prof. Jochem performed optimization projects in the area of product creation processes at Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH. From 2005-2010 he hold the chair on Quality Management at University of Kassel, Germany. Since 2009 he is Extraordinary Professor for Quality Management at Stellenbosch University, South Africa.
    His research and consulting focuses are model-based process-oriented quality, standardized quality processes, quality management, quality excellence, organizational design of quality departments, innovation and requirements management.
    Prof. Jochem is author of seven books; Author of more than 50 Articles published in Journals, Conference Proceedings or Edited Books.
    Taught courses:
    1. Quality Management I
    2. Quality Management II
  • Prof. Dr. Savas Tumis
    Taught courses:
    Entrepreneurship (VGU)
    Leadership (VGU)
    Technology and Innovation Management (VGU)

    Entrepreneurship (TU Berlin, since 2004)
    Future's Search and Innovation Management (TU Berlin, since 2004)
    Technology and Innovation Management (TU Berlin, since 2004)
  • BA Tai Nguyen Phat
  • Ph. D Vi Nguyen Hong
    Dr. Vi Hong Nguyen, a lecturer in Sustainable Product Development, Department of the Global Production Engineering Management (GPEM), Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Vi got a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering (2017), Old Dominion University, USA. She has several years of working in industry and her research interests include the fields of sustainable development, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, advanced manufacturing technology, and production planning.  Field expertise:
    - Sustainable product development
    - Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
    - Advanced manufacturing technology
    - Production planning
    - Lean manufacturing
    - Optimization
    Taught courses:
    - Engineering Design
    - Systematic Product Development
    - CAD Modeling and Collaboration
    - Lean Manufacturing
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